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"State of the Great Miami River Watershed"

Find out what's happening in our watershed and the impact we are having far beyond our own backyards. Because...

Where water goes we go.

Each year's forum is packed full of useful information for understanding the watershed and our program, including:

  • Why is Lower GMR data collection valuable?
  • Sampling parameters
  • Sampling techniques & analysis methods
  • Where do we sample?
  • Volunteer contributions
  • Accomplishments
  • Analysis of Citizens' Water Quality Monitoring data throughout the Lower Great Miami River, including a regional analysis of data collected by other volunteer groups in the Great Miami, Little Miami and Mill Creek watersheds.
  • Current and projected uses for Citizens' Water Quality Monitoring data
  • What residents can do to contribute to clean water.


The tributaries on the east side of the GMR tend to drain urbanized watersheds, while the tributaries on the west side drain forested and agricultural areas. This is reflected in the ranks of the parameter exceedences that we use to summarize water quality status.
For a better understanding of the data, please view the sampling sites map. For more detail on each site including lat/longs, see site info.

(note: data below is preliminary and subject to change)

2020 Data (in Excel)

2019 Data (in Excel)

2018 Data (in Excel)

2017 Data (in Excel)

2016 Data (in Excel)

2015 Data (in Excel)

2014 Data (in Excel)


2021 Data Review

2017 Data Review

2016 Data Review

2015 Data Review

2014 Data Review: please follow this link to view a video presentation of 2014's data and download the PowerPoint in pdf format.

2013 Monthly Data: Preliminary monthly data file- subject to change.

2012 Section 1: Program Introduction. presented by Brian Bohl, HCSWCD
2012 Section 2: 2012 Data Overview. presented by Dr. Michael Miller
2012 Section 3: Case Studies. presented by Brian Bohl & Bruce Koehler, OKI
2012 Monthly Data: Preliminary monthly data files- subject to change.

2011 Data Presentation

2010 Data Presentation




Other Water Quality Monitoring pages:
General Program Information
Information for Current and Prospective Volunteers

program brochure
sampling sites map
detailed sampling site identification (including lat/longs)

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